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Grab this hot new romance while it is available at a special introductory price of 99 cents. If steamy paranormal romance is your thing, this one is for you. WHAT’S IT ABOUT? When Leanne’s bridegroom develops cold feet on the day of their wedding, what else is she to do but turn to a hot stranger for comfort? Discovering that Rex is a shapeshifting wolf does little to dampen her desire for him, his beastly nature as irresistible as it is potentially dangerous. All she ever wanted was normal, so why can’t she get this beast out of her mind? Things are no less confusing for Rex, who has dedicated the last few years to the protection of shapeshifting beasts. He is a wolf with increasing r

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Secrets don’t belong in the office—or the bedroom. Alex Brannigan walked up to Cailin on the dance floor like he owned the place. Owned her. And for a few perfect hours, he controlled her like he did everything else in his life—completely. Giving her pleasure. Saturating her with his need. Then she woke to an empty bed. Alex was a one-night stand she didn’t think she could forget, but still, just a one-night stand. No big deal, right? She was still telling herself that Monday morning when she walked into her new office and there, behind the desk, was the one man she thought she’d never see again. Too bad the fact that he’s her new boss isn’t the only reason he’s unavailable.

Must-Read Contemporary Romance Boxset

Get the first three novels in The Calloways of Rainbow Bayou, a small town contemporary romance and suspense family series. If you like feel good romance, stories with emotion and heart and a measure of humor, you'll love this family. The Calloways know that love happens when you least expect it. When the Right One Comes Along A former Army Ranger and CEO finds himself drawn to the woman of his dreams but an impulsive fling puts his mission and their relationship in danger. Too Good to Be True Delilah is relieved to find out she wasn’t attracted to the perp at her crime scene but a hero. Is he too good to be true? Only the Heart Remembers A stranger attempts to enter Brenna’s cabin durin

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