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FREE IN KINDLE UNLIMITED As a baby, she was hidden from those who knew her. She grew up with a power no one believed in. Now, as she comes of age, and the truths and lies of her past traps her in a tangled web, she must discover from where she comes. For, Emily Hunts is hunted by the darkest force on the other side of red, and nothing can help her but knowing who she really is...

Featured KU Read: Lord of the Tower by Samantha C. Knightley

Two beautiful women. One sexy man. An irrevocable night… A third-year college girl falls hard for the city’s most eligible billionaire – so hard, she’s willing to do anything for him, even if it means exploring her own sexual orientation. She can't deny him. Blind to her own bisexual leanings, she finds herself right in the heart of a threesome ménage affair, and a business scandal... Can Analise Winters love this man who dominates her in every aspect of her life, and his other woman? That is the question she must ask herself as she navigates this new high-stakes, alfa male world of the wealthy. A world that doesn’t live by the rules society has taught her. A world she never thought could pl

Free in KU Read: The Seer by A.R. Curtis

Hunted by the darkest force on this plane, nothing can save her but knowing who she really is... Secretly, in the night, he trains her...he loves her in a way no creature of the night can care for another...until the world interrupts his plans, and he must take her to the other side of red... What readers are saying: “…it reminded me of The Phantom of the Opera…an epic magical adventure into darkness…I’d highly recommend The Seer to dark fantasy fans everywhere.” -K.C. Finn, Readers Favorite “…fairies, vampires, witches, wizards and demons…mermaids, The Seer has it all…in a story line that continuously unfolds to something new.” – Amy Raines, Readers Favorite “…mythical beings, spi

Featured Read: Until You Loved Me by Yuwanda Black

PREVIEW A dead fiance. A devastating billionaire. A homeless single mom. All roads lead to love. Billionaire Javelin, aka “Jav,” Montague had never met a woman like Serena Luckett. She intrigued him, he desired her and what Jav Montague wanted, Jav Montague usually got ... until Serena. **** The last thing down-on-her-luck, single mom Serena Luckett was in the market for was a relationship -- of any kind, especially with the likes of Jav Montague. She knew his type all too well. At Eastside Prep, the exclusive private school she'd attended years ago, she saw first-hand the arrogance of the rich, especially the boys. They thought they were entitled to whatever and whomever they wante

Featured KU read: Age of Saints by Christy Nicholas

On his deathbed, Conall’s father makes him promise to always take care of his little sister, Lainn. With her laughter, she can sing the bees from their hives and make the morning sun sparkle in the winter. He loves Lainn with all his heart, and will do anything to protect her, even without a promise to his father. He failed. Between an abusive step-father, a powerful Faerie Queen, and a maddened Fae Lord, every decision Conall makes seems to be the wrong one. Starvation, imprisonment, madness, and disfigurement plagues them. Even when he tries following his heart, it turns to disaster. Can Conall correct his mistakes and save Lainn’s life and soul? Will it cost him his own?

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