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Him: I can't believe it. I'm a big guy. And what I mean by big is that I'm well endowed. VERY well endowed. So much so that I scare most chicks away. But not this girl. This beautiful brown-skinned girl, handling every inch of me. Yeah so this is not how you're supposed to meet the one. It is a clothing optional kind of party and she's the only female. But she's not running. Not cursing me out or fighting me. I think I'm in love.

Her: Last night was satisfactory. I had my doubts that my needs would be met until he arrived. The exceptional one. The only Caucasian in the room. His talents were much appreciated. But now he wants to buy me breakfast. To spend more time with me. To learn where I live. My phone number. My name. This is unacceptable. These engagements serve a purpose. Anything beyond casual acquaintances is against the rule. He has to go.

Him: Okay, so she doesn't want to talk to me. Doesn't want to see me again. Or so she says. She must be new to this game, because her body is bending to my touch even though that sharp tongue is dismissing me. I'm not worried though. I got her number and I know her name. Bren. Halfway to making this woman mine.


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