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99c PNR Romance

I love living by the water. There’s peace here with the rolling waves of the Atlantic Ocean right outside my window. Some people think I must be crazy, or at least find it lonely, living in my grandmother’s old house in the dunes of Five Island Cove. But I’m not always alone. Each year, when the weather warms, the seals return, and so does Cael. He makes me feel wild, like an ocean storm. He’s a man with magic in his soul and I’ll never give that up, no matter what laws we break or who we have to fight. Never. I can’t forget Anna. Even though the waves sing to me the song of the selkie, urging me to move on with my people, with my pack, the thought of her and the memories of the way she feels and tastes draw me back. My brothers never remember their human summer lovers, never worry about them when our kin travel to other waters. I can never stop.The elders have been watching me though. What will they do when they discover us? It’s time to take a mate, but I want only my Anna. But I fear the tide is changing… Warning: This paranormal romance sizzles! There’s no cold water here, only heat and lots of it. Be prepared to long for a magic selkie of your own and look at seals in a whole new way! PLUS - a whole new sizzling paranormal romance short story! East Wind Lover, a dragon shifter story of second chances.

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