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FREE THIS WEEKEND ONLY When scandal topples haughty Sloane from her perch at the forefront of Chicago society, she loses her fiancé, her friends, her business, even her reputation. No one from her exclusive world will be seen with her, let alone help, no one, that is, except self-assured Randall Parker III who cannot resist the brash beauty or the challenge. Sexy millionaire Randall has been eyeing Sloane for years. Knowing she is a handful, he still craves a handful of her. His friends warn him off, but he believes he can manage Sloane’s high and mighty ways. Randall uses his power and influence to salvage her reputation, believing it will throw Sloane straight into his arms – and right into his bed. Despite a scorching passion, Randall miscalculates how the icy beauty will react when she learns she is Beholden…

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