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99c Hot Menage Romance

"We never went into Lenny's together. We never brought a man back to our sanctuary. Aside from that, there weren't any rules." Four years ago, a group of college jocks ran a competition to see how many of them could nail the hot, blonde look-alikes. Tash and Fiona have been taking out their pleasurable revenge on male kind ever since. Fierce lovers themselves, they prey on males at their bar of choice, taking secret turns with their unsuspecting victim in the little sharing game they like to play. They never get close. They use men. And then they leave them none-the-wiser that they've been seeing two different women. Until Ari. When the whiskey-drinking, six-foot, takes-no-shit man takes a seat at their bar, suddenly their game has a new set of rules. . . . And suddenly, they want to keep playing.

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