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#99c Humorous Romance

Some secrets are meant to be shared.

This is one story I never dreamed I would share. I didn't think anyone would understand. Why would they? I don't really understand it myself.

As soon as I saw him, the dangerously sexy therapist with his chiseled jaw and rock-hard abs, I knew he wasn't your typical psychiatrist. He was every woman's fantasy wrapped up in a seductively charming package.

I should've turned and walked away, but the moment I heard his voice, deep and sultry, I found myself sharing things I'd never shared with anyone--including my most intimate secret.

It was just talk, until it wasn't.

Some indiscretions are meant to be shared, and if you're up for a little taboo, I'll share my favorite indiscretion with you. It's not like you'll tell anyone. Right?

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