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Must Read Paranormal Romance

A man sacrifices himself for the sake of love to do murderous intents for a supernatural creature, but who is behind the curtain when the town carries hidden secrets about it.

A man named Cullen Cummings goes on a folklore quest to find more about his family line to Scotland. He brings back something that spells his doom. David Cummings is a local fisherman, yet one night coming home from the pub, he attempts to rescue a woman from drowning, but gets suckered into a pact with her to avoid death. The woman transforms into a banshee and exacting her vengeance on David to bear the weight of the pact through a larva insect tattoo to summon victims to her. At the same time, David falls in love with an out of towner named Mora. Things being to change around the town instantly with the banshee there stirring up a magical cesspool. With Cullen gone, everything becomes undone and the mysteries of the town begin to become full center with deception, revenge and awakenings.

Magical things are happening around the town and David must do the banshee’s bidding. He continues his relationship with Mora despite his fate. He increasingly makes the decision to live for her. His morals begin to twist and turn. Day by the day the events begin to stack up and the police are out to find who the murderer is. David and Mora grow closer all the while he remains in the pact. As the town grows more suspicious with the veil falling from a magical inheritance, David is at odds with the people around him and ancient beings lying in the awake. Mora stands by David after learning his terrible secret, yet is it enough to stand forever?

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