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#99c Erotic Romance

Having one beast makes you smile. Two beasts makes you swoon. But three beasts together? Get ready to scream.

We are not nice men. We're dirty. Raw. Untamed. Built like gods. With a power over any woman. Individually, we can have anyone we choose. But the three of us all choose her.

She's innocence incarnate. But there's nothing innocent with what we'll do to her. We see the desire in her eyes. She beckons with her body. It's hot. Intense. Forbidden. There's nothing pure about it.

But there's a price that each of us has to pay to indulge in her. It might be too high if she were anyone else. But for Zeva Harley, it's a bargain.

What is this price we need to pay?

To own her body...she demands our hearts.

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