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#99c Second Chance Romance


Four years ago, I made an unforgivable mistake. And Anna was the price. I thought I’d forget her. Thought I’d move on. But who was I kidding? No amount of drumming could drown out my love for her.

When I see here again, backstage after one of our shows, it's clear: Anna's mine. She’ll always be mine.

One mistake. Four years of regret. Is there such thing as a second chance?


When Sean walked out of my life, he shattered me. Broke me in untold ways. It took me years, but I carved a life out of my pain. I thought I was strong enough to see him again. But I wasn't. So I ran.

Problem is, Sean followed.

He wants me to forget. To give him another chance. And now I'm left to wonder—can you ever really forget your first love?

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