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#99c Sports Romance

Cocky. Player. Ready to score. Without a doubt, Theo Montgomery is the university's most promising student athlete – and it’s biggest player. Confident, charming, and handsome as sin, there isn’t a single girl at Carlton University who’s immune to this quarterback. Except Allie. Smart. Sassy. Not interested. Make no mistake, Allie Perez can’t stand jocks. Especially the spoiled, cocky, womanizing types like Theo. She could have gone her entire college career without ever seeing his smarmy smile again. Except…they’ve been paired together for a major class project. The solution seems simple: set their differences aside for the sake of their grades. Until one bet – one kiss – changes everything. He wants to drive her crazy. He wants to get to know her. He wants…her.

Now if only he can convince Allie this player is boyfriend material. All’s fair in love and football.

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