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#99c Royal Romance

I’m the Crown Prince of scandal I’ve been told to stay away from her Well, that's not happening. The world knows me as the royal playboy But this time, I'm playing for keeps...

All the things you’ve read about me in the tabloids? Trouble didn’t find me, I went looking for it. I lived for the next woman, the next party, the next fight.

Until it all caught up with me.

If I want to become the next King, I have to clean up my act. Which means no more media scandals and no more women.

Fine, whatever it takes. I’m on my best behavior.

Until she arrives.

My best friend’s younger sister.

All. Grown. Up.

With a sexy, sweet smile and womanly curves for days.

She's here for the royal festival, and she's being courted for marriage.

I’m definitely not on the list of approved suitors. But I don't give a sh*t about the rules, not when it comes to her.

She looked absolutely delicious waltzing back into my palace... ...and I know she’ll look even better in my bed.

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