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#99c Single Dad Romance

She wants a bun in her oven. Well, she's in luck. Because I've got the batter.

Lots and lots of it. Thick, heavy cream. What can I say? I'm blessed by the gods. Billionaire CEO with a body to die for. I thought I'd seen it all. That no girl could bring me down. But Piper - ah man, she's not just a regular girl. She's something else. Sassy and strong. But beautiful and kind. Forget everything else. I just want her skin pressed up against mine. I know she wants it too. I can see the flush to her face when she sees me. So what that she says us being together is a business deal? That's it's a baby contract with strict legalese? That there's no love? I'm not stopping until her legs are shaking and her neighbors know my name. Because baby, you gotta realize.

I melt in your mouth. Not in your hand.

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