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Bargain NA Romance

He's a hockey player with a reputation that precedes him, partly his name, partly his playing. She's never found a home to let her walls come down... Welcome to the fight of your life, Porter... Porter Prescott spent years fighting to make a name for himself in the sport his family rules, but right when he heads to play for a club not associated with his family's name, he meets her...and starts to wonder if maybe there's more to life than breaking out of his family's shadow. Asher Spence spent a lifetime learning that the only person you could count on is yourself-and even then, you can still fail. Then she meets him and he gives her hope...and a place to finally call home. But after a lifetime of heartbreak and regret, Asher can't help but worry that what seems perfect now, might just come crumbling down. Fight. And when that's not enough? Hold on for your life.

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