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Must-Read Romance

Love hasn’t been on Hannah’s side for a long time, but meeting Chance Evans changed all that. Kind of. Chance is the first guy she’s dated since her ex and things are good. He’s put his manwhore ways behind him and has seemingly settled down—except for a few bumps here or there—but Hannah knows that something’s going on inside that head of his. When her friends tell her about a rumor they overheard, she leaves town to think. Better safe than single, right? Or maybe she’s already single…

Chance has some skeletons in his own closet that he’s worked hard to keep hidden from his friends. If he plastered a smile on his face and told a joke, no one would ever know his secrets. Or so he thought. He never expected his past to catch up with him at a school hours away from his hometown, and he sure as hell didn’t want anyone to look at him with pity. Now he has to decide if a future with Hannah is worth letting go of the memories to find their forever.

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