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#99c Erotic Romance

Sheriff Alyssa Davis calls the shots in her town (and her bedroom)…But has she met her match? My name is Alyssa Davis. Sheriff Alyssa Davis, to the people who live in GloryLand City. As the first woman Sheriff, I take my job seriously. So when people begin turning up dead, all posed exactly the same—stretched over their beds with their hands over their mouths—I’m determined to bring the killer to justice. When I discover the masked man responsible, I am horrified at the attraction I feel. It’s like I know him. Like I have always known him. But I have a job to do, and cannot be distracted by my feelings, or the sexy dreams that have invaded my sleep nightly since meeting the killer. My craving for the criminal only grows when I discover his reason for the killings: His “victims” all committed heinous crimes, and the masked vigilante delivered vengeance. Now I have to choose between doing my job and arresting a murderer, or following my heart and helping a man who takes the law into his own hands.

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