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He breaks every rule in his book to be with her... #99c

I lowered onto the lavish, silk-covered chair. Swallowing tightly, I peered down at my badly ironed, outmoded office-girl get-up.

How could an ordinary girl with an unnatural fondness for vintage clothes and art find herself amongst a room of hopefuls looking more like supermodels?

The boss's name was a mystery. But judging by the opulent surroundings, he was filthy rich with impeccable, old-world tastes.

The following day, my life changed, from impoverished art history grad to someone with a charge account and company car.

And then there was my hot new boss.

Enigmatic and generous, Aidan Thornhill was insanely handsome.

Then, one night on his yacht, it wasn't just my mind that I lost from that smoldering gaze.

As secrets and gossip emerged from his shadowed past, I had to decide whether to run away from the job of the century... Or remain in those strong arms.

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