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#99c Secret Baby Romance

The most powerful man in the world has his finger on your trigger. Is he going to click it? Or lick it? Don't matter, baby. Either way...get ready to explode. Mr. President. Commander in Chief. Leader of the free world. With everyone at my feet. The youngest in the history of the nation. Power. Money. Charisma. I got it all. Except a First Lady. At first I tell myself I don't need one. Women are literally throwing themselves at me. Saluting my flagpole. As they hail to the chief. And I give them some major Executive O's. Until she comes along. My ex-intern from what feels like another life. She's playing for love. But one false step and she can destroy me entirely. I know I need to resist. But when it comes to her, I'm willing to risk it all. She's my dirty little secret. But she has secrets of her own. Together, we're about to create a scandal, baby. Grab your fan and your batteries as you take off your panties. It's time to make America shake again.

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