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#Featured Audiobook: Hot Contemporary Romance Read

This time he’s fighting for his family.

Axel: When I left home to follow my dream of becoming a boxer, I was too young and stupid to know what I was leaving behind.

These days I fill my world with the blood and sweat of a violent profession and the meaningless sexual conquests that come with it. A futile attempt to erase from my mind the only woman I’ve ever loved.

Since I can’t let her go, I have no choice but to win her back.

Olive: I’ve loved Axel my entire life. The boy next door.

We didn’t talk about the attraction building between us, until one fateful night those sparks finally burst into flames.

But when he broke my heart, he left me with a souvenir. A walking, talking little reminder of the man I will always love, but can never again trust with my heart.

Now he’s back, wanting to pick up where we left off. And there’s no way I’m letting him know about our baby.

What we have to say about The Beast's Baby: If you love a well-narrated book, with hot scenes and a beautiful love story, pick up this fantastic listen today!

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