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No men, no sex and no drama is allowed to get in the way of Marigold Laurent's much needed break from her trainwreck of a love life, but minutes after her plane lands in old town Corfu, she meets insanely hot bachelor, Dmitri Damianos. He's single, all he wants is sex and he promises not to cause any drama. What's a girl to do?

An expert at creating software for Europe's most successful companies, Dmitri is ultra skilled at handling women. Wealthy and sought after, he makes no apologies for his lifestyle. Then he meets Marigold. A no-strings affair is the last thing on her to-do list, while all he craves is up-till-dawn sex with the adorable morsel of a woman whose flair for business and sassy mouth keeps his interest sizzling. He's determined to close the deal, but she won't be his or any other man's plaything. Instead, she baits him with ridiculous relationship demands that would send any sane man packing.

Dmitri soon realizes a woman fresh off a break-up comes with vulnerabilities he doesn't want to deal with. It's all about lust. Who said anything about love? So why is he climbing up the balcony of a century-old house at midnight to bring her flowers? Her willful ways only deepen his attraction. Somehow, someway he will make this hot-blooded ginger with the smart mouth his: heart, body and soul.

After her last relationship ended in a spectacular fail, jumping into bed with one of Europe's Most Eligible Bachelors is the last thing on Marigold's to-do list. If she can get the Greek hunk out of her head, she just might get him off her back. Except she doesn't count on her scandalous past showing up to do the dirty work for her.

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