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5 Easy and Effective Strategies to Boost Book Sales and Reach More Readers

As authors, the most asked question is always 'how can I put my book in more readers' hands?' Today, we break down the exact steps that authors we've worked with have taken to improve their sales and gain more reviews and fans!

  1. Test your cover

As authors, we often fall in love with one cover and can't see anything else being on our books but that image. But it doesn't always mean that's what sells. If your book has been out a while, trends can change and readers can expect something else from your genre and sometimes, a refresh is exactly what is needed. If you haven't published your book yet, consider getting several covers made and run some test ads. If one receives more clicks than the other, you have your answer as to what will sell more books for you!

2. Tweak your blurb

After our cover, the blurb is the next thing readers see. If it's not at it's stronger, you can lose them here. Make sure your blurb is around 250 words long--too long and you'll lose them. Be sure to tanatalize and intrigue. Don't give away the whole plot. And considering finishing with a short sales pitch at the end of your blurb to leave them with no reason to click away.

3. Establish a routine

When we release a book, we tend to be excited and post the book everywhere and send out newsletters and updates galore. After our initial promotional efforts, inevitably, sales decline, as does the amount of work we put into promotion, especially if life gets busy or we end up focusing on the next book. It's important to set up a strong promotional routine so old books don't get neglected.

4. Write the next book

But don't just write any old book. Even if you're writing a new series, consider how it might attach to a previous book. Perhaps they have shared worlds or a character can make a guest appearance. Give the readers a reason to go straight to your other books as soon as they've finished.

5. Fix your keywords.

If your search terms aren't the strongest they can be, you might be losing out on readers who are desperate for your books. Make sure they are relevant, refined, and as wide-reaching as they can be. If you don't know where to start, get in touch--our great value coaching sessions can offer you advice on fixing those all important keywords!


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