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5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Book Blurb: Top tips to writing a blurb that sells

Crafting the perfect book blurb can be one of the most challenging yet essential tasks for any author. It's your golden opportunity to grab potential readers' attention and convince them that your book is worth their time. A well-written blurb acts as your book’s sales pitch, enticing readers with just enough intrigue to make them want more. But how do you ensure your blurb is as compelling as possible? In this post, we'll explore five effective strategies to elevate your book blurb from ordinary to extraordinary, helping you attract more readers and boost your book sales. Whether you’re a seasoned writer or new to the world of publishing, these tips will provide you with the tools you need to create a blurb that resonates and captivates. Let’s dive in!

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  1. Keep it under 250 words It can be tough trying to whittle down your ENTIRE book into a paragraph but you need to keep the reader hooked. By ensuring your blurb is on the briefer side, you're creating intrigue and giving the reader a brief glance rather than a whole story. That's your blurb's job!

  2. Start your blurb with a hook

One simple tagline that draws in the reader can make a huge difference to whether they read on or not. Your tagline might include a play on a cliché or a famous quote or should emphasise what the character wants or could potentially lose. If you're writing a romance, you could highlight part of the conflict i.e. She wanted a lord. She got a smuggler in disguise.

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3. Use keywords (sparingly)

Consider the keywords that will be used to find your book. If your book is a romance, you might want to include the trope but do try to scatter them in a natural manner.

4. Don't give away the whole plot!

It can be so easy to spill the beans on the book you just worked so hard on but, again, your job is to hook the reader in. Keep the blurb simple, teasing, and just enough to lure the reader in to find out exactly how your story is going to unfold!

5. Set the stakes!

Make it so your reader HAS to buy the book! What will happen if your heroine doesn't save her coffee shop? What if your billionaire hero doesn't find himself a wife two week's time? Make sure we know how high the stakes are!


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I'm a self-published and published author of ten years and a certified life coach. My speciality is historical romance and I've had over thirty books hit #1 on Amazon in their category. I love helping authors thrive, whether it's helping them at the very beginning of their career or figuring out how to get them to the next step. My experience in marketing and setting out a regular writing schedule can help authors at all stages in their career and I'm a friendly, supportive coach who is happy to be a listening ear. If you think we'd work well together, I'd love to hear from you and aid you in your writing career!


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