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50 Prompts for Romance Authors

If you're looking for inspiration for your next romance book, you've come to the right place! We have 50 prompts that can be used for many genres of romance to get your started.

  • A librarian falls in love with a mysterious patron who leaves poetic notes in returned books.

  • Two rival chefs compete on a cooking show and discover a recipe for romance.

  • A woman inherits a vineyard and hires a rugged, handsome vintner to help save it.

  • A travel blogger and a reclusive artist fall in love while restoring a historic villa.

  • Childhood friends reconnect at their high school reunion and rekindle their old flame.

  • An uptight city lawyer falls for a free-spirited yoga instructor in a small beach town.

  • A royal prince falls for a commoner who saves him from an assassination attempt.

  • A firefighter and a paramedic find love while working together during a natural disaster.

  • Two professors from rival universities must co-author a research paper.

  • A wedding planner falls in love with the best man while organizing her sister’s wedding.

  • A professional dancer and a tech genius team up to win a ballroom dance competition.

  • A famous actress goes incognito and finds love with a local bookstore owner.

  • A single mom and her child’s teacher discover they have a lot in common.

  • An aspiring musician and a record producer find harmony in more ways than one.

  • Two childhood neighbors reconnect when one returns to town for a family emergency.

  • A wildlife photographer and a park ranger fall in love in a remote national park.

  • A historical researcher and a ghost hunter team up and uncover a centuries-old romance.

  • Two rival journalists compete for the same story and uncover a deeper connection.

  • A small-town baker and a celebrity chef clash and then sizzle in the kitchen.

  • A book editor falls for a reclusive author who insists on meeting in person.

  • Two rival treasure hunters find more than just gold while on an expedition.

  • A charity event planner and a billionaire sponsor discover common ground.

  • A doctor and a nurse develop a deep connection during a medical crisis.

  • A wedding dress designer and a jaded divorce lawyer find love despite their differences.

  • A photographer and a model fall in love during a cross-country photo shoot.

  • A haunted inn brings together a historian and a paranormal investigator.

  • A lawyer and a social worker team up to save a community center and find love.

  • A novelist and a literary agent fall in love while working on a new book.

  • A movie director and an actor develop feelings while filming on location.

  • A florist and a landscape architect collaborate on a project and discover romance.

  • A nanny and a single dad find love while caring for his young children.

  • A jewelry designer and a gemologist are brought together by a rare gemstone.

  • A marine biologist and a deep-sea diver discover love while on an underwater expedition.

  • A former soldier and a peace activist find common ground and romance.

  • Two baristas at a quirky coffee shop find love over lattes and late-night conversations.

  • A veterinarian and a pet groomer fall in love while working at an animal rescue.

  • A fashion designer and a tailor discover love while creating a new clothing line.

  • A sports coach and a physical therapist find romance while working with athletes.

  • A travel agent and a tour guide fall in love while planning a dream vacation.

  • A software developer and a cybersecurity expert find love while stopping a cyber threat.

  • A theater director and a stage manager fall in love during a high-stakes production.

  • A single parent and a children’s author find love through a school reading program.

  • A landscape photographer and a tour guide find love in the wilderness.

  • A gourmet food truck owner and a city inspector clash and then connect.

  • A detective and a crime novelist solve a mystery and find love along the way.

  • A college professor and a student’s parent find unexpected romance.

  • A CEO and an executive assistant discover a deeper connection outside the office.

  • A flight attendant and a frequent flyer find love at 30,000 feet.

  • A yoga instructor and a martial artist find balance and love in their practice.

  • Two old flames are reunited by a twist of fate and a forgotten letter.


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