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Book Review: Crush by Christina Strigas

Crush is a mature, well-written and fast-paced vampire romance. The story centers around a love-triangle between Maria, Jack, and Hunter but, I promise you, no cheesy or ridiculous moments here! I appreciate not being left wondering at Maria’s motivations. The emotional tug from the first page pulls you in and you know you are in for a visceral, heart-wrenching tale.

Written from different viewpoints, Ms. Stigas is a master at crafting those differing voices and creating sympathy for all three characters. The theme of enduring soul mates remains strong and will appeal to those who adore an epic-style romance.

The book also skips back and forth in time—an intriguing way of keeping the reader hooked. There will be some readers who don’t appreciate this, but it ensures the story maintains a fast pace well-suited to vampire romance and the intensity offered from page one.

What I really appreciated about this book (apart from the lack of cheese) was the humanity (is that possible in vampires?) of the characters. They spoke and acted like real people, they conversed in interesting and real ways. I felt every bit of raw emotion and thankfully I was rewarded with a truly satisfying end. I recommend this book for lovers of deep, intriguing, people-centric romance.


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