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Book Review: The Trope Thesaurus by Jennifer Hilt

A must have for all authors!

The Trope Thesaurus is a fantastic tool for authors. Not just a simple list of tropes, Hilt offers ways to use them in a clearly explained manner across many genres and authors of differing experience will most certainly benefit. From an author who has written who knows how many books now, The Trope Thesaurus is a fantastic refresher and particularly useful for the author who feels they have written just about everything. If you're struggling with your plot or flailing halfway through a book, a quick dip into this guide will certainly help.

Hilt is clear on her love for tropes and is intent on spreading that love--and rightly so. Tropes are not just for romance readers and authors! Explaining how tropes are used in many popular literary works, it's easy to see the role they take in all manner of stories, and how to apply them to your own.

For new authors, this is a great guide to getting started, for those with more experience, it's a refreshing read and different to all those standard books about plotting. Hilt offers some great guidance on using tropes to drive your story forward and making it full and fleshed out. Highly recommended!


Even a quick glance at popular books, movies, and streaming series says it all-- a skillful application of tropes sells stories. That’s because tropes create a foundation between the audience and the action.

The Trope Thesaurus explores tropes common in romance, mystery, suspense, thriller, science fiction, and fantasy. It also features a listing of tropes with their definitions, along with some ideas about how to use them more effectively to craft stronger stories.

New and established writers will appreciate this different take on a craft topic in the quest to become a fan favorite.

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