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Featured Book: Empowered Academy


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I’ve got three supernatural boyfriends, and they’re all pretty kickass.

One can warp through shadows. Worships Def Leppard. Thinks he’s god’s gift to women (making love in the shadow realm is pretty rad, I have to admit).

Another can tear your head off with one arm—the only one he has, too. Super strength, look it up.

And the third can get inside anybody's head just by making skin contact. Yeah, he's pretty good with his hands.

And did I mention I can manipulate the molecular structure of any object I see?

You’d think we make a pretty wicked team together, but even our powers combined might not be enough to pass the Test, which decides if we ever graduate from this stupid Academy. That means a lot to me, cause that’s the only way I’m getting my motorcycle back. Oh, and also the fact we might die if we don’t.

Empowered Academy: 1984 is a standalone paranormal romance novel and also part one of the Empowered Academy series. If you like steamy, action-packed reverse harem novels meant for adult readers, you have to read Empowered Academy: 1984.


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