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Featured FREE Read: Stress Relief With Yoga

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Have you ever tried to practice Yoga?

Do you know that yoga is one of the best stress relief methods ever known?

Yoga improves your understanding of life, and will often change your viewpoint about life too, it trains your body and mind to be able to cope with stress better and improve overall health and well-being.

A fundamental principle of yoga is that your body and mind are one and connected. So if your mind is stressed and tired also your body will almost certainly be weak and sluggish.

Another of the main concepts in Yoga is being non-judgmental toward both yourself and others, which is a powerful tool for stress relief since much of our stress comes from being hard on ourselves or frustrated with others.

You will find lots of other tips in “Stress relief with Yoga” by Klea G. Thanks to “Stress relief with Yoga” you will be able to practice Yoga regularly, dropping your stress hormone levels and increasing your heart rate variability, which is a measure of your ability to tolerate stress.

Here’s how the book is structured:

What is Yoga


The aims of Yoga

Kinds of Yoga

Benefits of Yoga

...and much more!


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