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Featured FREE Read: The Rake and the Blind Duchess


A scarred Duke. A blind Duchess. A love like no other.

After the tragic accident that left her parents dead, Lady Natalie Crawdon has been tormented by her blindness and the ton’s shameless mouth. She’s destined to never marry and she knows it. But once her brother strikes a deal with a crude Earl, the Duke of Pembroke comes around to ruin stealing her heart with one kiss.

His Grace, Philip Pembroke is a rake; a proud one, that is. Scarred ever since his teens, he has given up on love, preferring the companionship of mistresses of the night. But when he comes across Natalie, the innocent bluestocking, he can no longer resist her.

Falling in love was never part of their plans and they can no longer deny it. So once the bells of marriage ring closer for Natalie and the Earl, Philip knows he has to act fast.

Will he be able to leave his past behind? Will their love prevail?

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