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Featured KU Read: Come Undone


Justin Locke, better known as Slider, is on his way to the grand opening of Club Satin. It’s his baby and he’s not planning on being late. Everything changes when he stops to help a beautiful stranded motorist who’s being harassed by some guy. Slider is stunned by her bravado and surprised when the fiery young woman refuses his offer of help, accepting only a ride home. He invites her to Satin but she turns that down too. Respecting her wishes, he drives away as she hurries inside her apartment.

Kenzie Stone grew up depending on no one but herself. It gutted her pride to allow the handsome good Samaritan drive her home. She has goals in life and won’t be derailed by anyone no matter how he makes her feel. Besides, he owns an adults only club. She’s read lots of romance novels and knows all about Doms and subs. The one thing she isn’t is submissive.

The next day Kenzie is stunned to find her broken down car in the parking lot. It starts and purrs like a kitten. Someday, she’d pay back every cent he’d spent on repairs. On the passenger seat, she finds an invitation to Club Satin. It’s valid on her twenty-fifth birthday.


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