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Featured KU Read: Surprise Daddies

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Book 1 - Broken Hero Someone please save me. I was pregnant, afraid, and running for my life. But then a hero, unlike any other, found me… Unconscious and on the brink of death. He picked me up and carried me to his cabin. My hulk like hero’s a reclusive billionaire that’s tormented by his past. The cartel has no idea what Baker is capable of. There’s a reason they call him a Broken Hero. He’s beyond a beast and to protect us he will destroy them.

Book 2 - The Secret Baby I hooked up with a masked stranger… And he turned out to be my enemy! Falling for your nemesis is one thing. Living under the same roof is another. But when I find out his huge royal secret... And I tell him about my pregnancy. The world is about to turn upside down.

Book 3 - Stuck with you I accidentally married my childhood best-friend turned enemy! Rowan was my gorgeous best friend, my neighbor, and my crush. Our first time was together. But it’s crazy how quickly things can change. But fate has a way of always bringing us back together. This time right under the same roof. And a drunken night turned into a night we shared our vows. If only that was the only shocking thing that night brought!

Book 4 - Stay with me I was the girl no one noticed. He was the star of my high-school. But he only saw me as his best-friend’s little sister. And in one crushing moment my love turned into hate. He’s now a retired Navy Seal turned tech mogul and he’s looking right me. Forced back into each other’s lives. If only I kept my distance. I let things get too far… How do you tell him “you’re going to be a dad.”?


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