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Featured Read: The Story of the Three Coffee Monkeys

How does it feel living in a specialty coffee culture? Enthusiasts like me will describe the experience as multi-sensual with a unique unwavering connection to nature. This experience is not just tied to the tastes of the brown bean; rather, it encompasses the entire journey from the fields to the coffee cup. Through his book ‘The Story of the Three Coffee Monkeys,’ Marek Kubinek share a series of stories about specialty coffee culture, techniques to enjoy coffee mindfully, and exuberant jaunty rituals concomitant to the cultures. The tales take the reader down the path of understanding the fundamentals of the culture and provides the audience with numerous tips and hacks to enjoy this God-given drink. Reading through the book, the reader is enriched with knowledge on how to heighten the daily experiences by simply sipping on a cup of coffee. Are you ready to open a new chapter in life, a chapter with prodigious coffee moments and magical mindfulness? Then this is the book to read.


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