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Featured Read: 22 Ways to Keep Your Pooch Active Indoors

Is your pooch suffering from the boredom blues when indoors? We know that like humans, our pets need to be engaged in some activity to keep them from becoming bored. Dogs that are bored normally get into trouble. This book outlines 22 activities that dog owners can engage in with their pets while indoors. Whether it be during this time when most of us are staying indoors due to social distancing regulations or during the winter months when it is not ideal to take your pets outdoors. If not taken outdoors it means that our dogs may not be getting the amount of exercise needed to keep fit and mentally stimulated. These activities will not only keep you and your pooch active but also mentally stimulated. Inside you will find a pictures and description/procedures of activities/games that both you and your dog can have fun playing indoors. These activities can also be done outdoors as well.


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