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Featured Read: Bodies of Desire

Julia’s life is very different from the normal, run-of-the-mill that most women her age lived. Led to agree to having an open relationship, she quickly finds that the idea has its merits and before long is dating four men.

Unable to decide which of the four she wants to spend her life with, she decides to have them all, living with them under the same roof. Each man satisfying her every night. But the tightrope of jealousy and tension threatens to boil over at any moment.

And Julia’s life is made even more complicated when she discovers a life-changing event. Now faced with a dilemma that could mean the end of her free-spirited lifestyle, she must find a way to tell them what has happened without losing what she has.

Knowing that if she breaks the news about herself, she risks losing them all, can she find a way to keep the four men in her life?


Each night the men took turns sleeping with her. It had to happen nightly, since the men would get restless if they didn't have sex in a while.  Julia walked over to her vanity and brushed back her long wavy hair. Opening the drawers, she looked for her purple lingerie. After her shower, she slipped on the purple mini thong and the lacy bra top.  Grabbing purple lipstick, she smoothed it over her lips giving her a sultry look. She looked in the mirror admiring her figure. Flipping her hair to one side she was satisfied. She spritzed perfume on herself before lying in bed waiting for him.

She decided to grab a book and read until Brandon showed up. She laid down, stretching on the huge king size bed, and as soon as she opened her book, the doorknob twisted open.

"Whoa you're dressed up today," said Brandon in a husky voice. His brown eyes looked in appreciation at her thin waist and large pale breasts looming in front of him.


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