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Featured Read: Cold Front


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A barista running from her ex and ending up in a protective mountain cabin, a builder finds love and romance as they try to bury both their pasts and the people involved with them.


Ending up in a small, mountain town with no money and no place to stay is the least of my worries. I only have one goal and that is to not get found by my abusive ex-boyfriend. When a handsome man at the gas station offers me a place to stay for the night, I know that I have to be careful and not let him into my life, no matter how much I’m tempted towards him.

Only, the longer that I stay with him, the harder it is to resist the pull that seems to be drawing us together. As my past threatens to catch up with me, my new rugged protector might be the only shield standing in its way.


I can’t let another woman into my life. So I promise myself that I’ll only help this girl out for a night or two. But there’s something about her, something broken, that resonates and attracts the broken parts in me too.

I know I should just let her be and trust me, I am trying… But the more she tries to push me away, the more I see how much she needs me to stay. I know better than to get involved in mess like this, but the moment she calls out to me in the middle of the night, I know that I’m screwed, because I can’t help but run to her.


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