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Featured Read: Deep Height

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Jennie Scott is an attorney doing her best to bear the heartache after splitting from her long-time boyfriend. One night while out with friends at a nightclub, Jennie suddenly collapses after witnessing something strange in the restroom. Her friends are mystified. What could she have possibly seen? After she is whisked off to the hospital in an ambulance, Jennie wakes up without any recollection of what happened. Graham Cox, a high school music teacher, has been enduring divorce proceedings for several months. When his current lawyer is unable to represent him, he turns to an attorney in Jennie's firm for help. As their paths cross, Jennie and Graham quickly realize they have undeniable chemistry together. While frightening occurrences continue to plague Jennie, Graham shines a new light in her life. But will they each find the strength to overcome their pasts so they can be together forever?


Rain soaked streets on Friday night did not stop the party going on in Night Club Dazzle. Music was blasting. The dance floor was rocking with reggae moves. At the bar, people were drinking, laughing, talking and having lots of fun.

Under the blinking lights at a table in the corner, Jennie sat with her friends, Peter, Jorja, Dexter and Kathy. They were drinking beers and listening to the music.

Jennie Scott, a lawyer, with five years’ experience, works at the International Law Firm. She had recently broken up with her boyfriend of three years and was depressed. Her friends took her out to cheer her up.

Peter Marshall, a surgeon and Jorja Clancy, an anesthetist, both work in the Operating Room at the Government Hospital. Dexter Dillard and Kathy Simon are lawyers. They also work at the International Law Firm.

They ordered the 4th round of drinks when a brawl broke out on the dance floor.

Two men wanted to dance with the same young lady. They confronted each other as to who had the right to dance with her. Both were intoxicated and started to fight.

The Manager and a Security Officer went over. They spoke to the men and ordered them out. Shortly after, things returned to normal.

The DJ announced that he was taking a break for 15 minutes. He stopped playing the music at 12 midnight.

After four drinks, Jennie wanted to use the Ladies Room. She got up from the table and headed in that direction. To her surprise, many ladies were waiting to go inside. She had an urgency and went over to the Men’s Room. On entering there was one man getting ready to use the facility. She went into the vacant toilet with the number 2 printed on the door. She was in there for a few minutes, then frantically rushed out of the Men’s Room, shouting, “It is so big, so very big.”

When she got to the table, Peter asked. “What happened?”

Before she could explain, she collapsed on Jorja’s shoulder.

There was a hush in the club.

Peter shouted. “Call 911.”


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