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Featured Read: Get Younger Skin Secrets Now: My Secrets Of How I Look So Young For My Age

In her first book, Estelle Alain shares her anti-aging, beauty secrets and techniques that result in constantly being mistaken for being much younger than she really is. Estelle wants to share her secrets with the world so women all around the world can benefit and hopefully attain the same results. On a daily basis, Estelle is constantly told how young she looks and is often mistaken for a teenager or young adult. She experiences young girls trying to befriend her, not knowing she is much older than they are. She is constantly complimented about her skin and asked questions such as “what is it you do to look so young?”, or “why do you not look the age in your passport?”.

Estelle’s late Father, a Doctor, used his education and wisdom, to help Estelle focus on natural methods to achieve wrinkle free, smooth, young and supple skin. Additionally, Estelle has tried, tested and researched different methods, and now follows the steps in her book keep and maintain a young complexion, without the use of Botox or any other chemical’s or skin treatments, just natural methods. This has resulted in major anti-aging results in her skin and appearance. She also advises her friends and family, who also have seen anti-aging results in their appearance. Estelle decided to write this book, to share with the world, her secrets to success. With the success she has seen with her methods, and with the amount of people that constantly question her age and appearance, she would like other women around the world to maybe achieve the same happiness and skin success as she experiences.

In This Book You Will Discover: •Why you don’t need expensive beauty treatments to look young and improve your skin.•How Estelle reverses the age and look of her skin. •How Estelle is able to wonderfully improve her skin quickly at home. •How Estelle obtains young, youthful, glowing skin easily. •How Estelle managed to stop wrinkles from forming in her skin. •How Estelle helps her family and friends to start to look younger, feel younger and happier with a few simple steps.


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