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Featured Read: History & Dangers of White Flour

Did you know bleached flour can change how your genes behave and repair themselves? Do you know what enriched flour is and how why it's called enriched? Did you know the enriching processing is toxic and delivers a slow death. This informative book examines White Flour, its history, its dangers, how it affects the body from head to toe, and why our government has basically ignored all the dangerous data on White Flour for decades.

Ever wonder why it is, in this age of extraordinary medical advances, millions still suffer from a long list of illnesses? It’s as if the human body is actually manufacturing disease. Actually, it is. And the manufacturing fuel is unhealthy, processed foods. This amazing book goes well beyond the dangers of White Flour. It clearly lays out the modern diet and the foods that destroy our bodies even BEFORE we’re BORN. It lays bare the simple truth about FOOD, and how anyone can become super healthy, slow down, or even stop aging in its tracks, live longer, and be as active, agile, and strong at age 70 as they were when.


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