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Featured Read: The Accidental Duke

David Thoroughgood-the Duke of Hollister, and ladies maid-Clarissa Bennet share many things in spite of their stations. Born the same day, raised in the same household, both of their fathers having died tragically before they were born. Despite an undeniable love David and Clarissa have for each other, the disparity in their positions has kept them apart. David has exiled himself to London for years to avoid further temptation. When David's mother becomes seriously ill, she sends Clarissa to retrieve her errant son and bring him back to manage the family estate.

However, not everyone is anxious for David’s return. A series of harrowing incidents occur, that make it clear that someone does not want David to take his rightful place as Duke. Soon, they are embroiled in a plot of power and deceit neither of them expected but must face head-on if they want any chance at a life together.


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