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Featured Read: The Artist and the Rake

Will her ruination kill her chance for love?

Life hasn’t been too kind to talented artist, Lizbeth Davenport for the last few years. Her entire family was wiped out by influenza, leaving her alone in the world. Then she was unfairly fired from the job that was her sole support which led to her being kidnapped and sold to a brothel. Now that she’s free she’s ready to move on with her life, but the anger still festers that no one paid the price for kidnapping her.

Even though his family has been pushing him toward marriage, Marcus Mallory has no desire for the confinement of the wedded state. He enjoys the company of the ladies and likes his life the way it is. Since he is attempting to have a bill passed on sex slavery in the House of Commons he is requested to help in the rescue of Lizbeth from the brothel. Aside from the attraction he feels toward her, he also bears a sense of responsibility for her welfare.

When he discovers Lizbeth’s plan to bring down the people who are running the sex slavery ring, he insists on working with her, but will his growing attraction to Lizbeth ever be returned by this woman who cannot stand a man’s touch?


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