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Featured Read: The Other Side of Red

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Book 1, The Seer

Her magic was his obsession. Her loyalty was his requirement. And her betrayal became his unraveling…

Condemned by day to the dark side of red, a lonely, magically talented, and horribly breathtaking vampire spends his nights slipping over the veil. There, he revels in terrorizing young adults to their deaths. But for one girl, who's melted his heart: Emily Hunts.

But when the world threatens to take her away, when he learns of her true loyalties, his mask is unveiled, and he must take her to the other side of red....

Book 2, The Angel

Hell bound, he can’t deny the beast inside any longer, and he won’t, not even for her…

It wasn’t meant to end this way. He wasn’t supposed to end up here. Now he’s a monster. And he’s alone. Two things keep him going: that the first prince of hell somehow survived a stake to the chest. Gabriel knows it, and he’s going to finish the job if it’s the last thing he does in this place.

And two: Emily. The girl he’d spent his life protecting from beasts like him. It doesn’t matter that he’s loved the witch since he was six. It doesn’t matter that he loves her still. She’s the reason he’s stuck here. It makes his eyes burn red and his fangs grow in. He can taste her blood in the air. He wants it. He needs it. He knows exactly where to get it. And he’s going to beat Lucian to it…


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