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Friends to Lovers Historical Romance You'll Adore

Who doesn't love a good tale of friends to lovers? Even more so when set amongst glittering ballrooms and countryside estates and castles! If you're after chemistry-filled reads, then be sure to get these recommended reads today.

Mortal danger might not ruin their friendship. But falling in love at Christmas most certainly could...

Violet Musgrave is used to heartbreak. The string of men who've let her down over the years made sure of that. So, she has no intention of falling for her handsome best friend, an unrepentant rake she adores. Being alone would be much safer. Or so she thought...

Duke Cameron knows he can never be the kind of man Violet deserves. He's just not built for happily ever after endings. Strictly avoiding romantic entanglements is the only rule he's ever followed. But lately, when he's with Violet, he can't help wondering if it's time to tear that rule asunder once and for all...

When Duke and Violet find themselves embroiled in a mystery that endangers all they hold dear, their feelings for each other will be put to the ultimate test. But when it matters most, will the promise of forever prove worth the potential cost to their friendship—and their hearts?

A Regency enemies to friends to lovers romance, with a touch of brother’s best friend and a whole lot of banter and steamy scenes.

Miss Gina Bains just needs to avoid marriage until Christmas—and her birthday. When she’s one-and-twenty she’ll receive inheritance from her father and be free to travel the world. In the meantime, she’s stuck with faking the accomplishments her mother insists on and “accidentally” stepping on the toes of her would-be beau.

Dancing with his best friend’s sister is Emmett Stanton’s duty to fulfill, like choosing a wife to keep the Earldom going. When Miss Bains inadvertently reveals her ploy, Emmett realizes a fake engagement can solve both their problems. Her condition that he can’t kiss her creates a challenge, but he can tempt her into kissing him

Gina resists Emmett’s charm for months, but when Christmas and freedom are just days away a kiss under the mistletoe is irresistible. One kiss turns into Emmett educating her in the ways of love, and suddenly the future—without Emmett—looks gray. But how can she give up her travel dreams when he must settle down and produce an heir?

Forbidden flames burn brightest…

The knight Alric of Hawksmere has endured years of war and survived dozens of battles in the service of the king. A new challenge awaits him when he returns home to renew his bond with a childhood friend. Alric instead discovers she is now a spirited woman of rare beauty whose kiss makes his blood burn. But the lady Cecily de Vere has been offered in marriage to another man, and Alric‘s duty is to escort her to the wedding.

Cecily wants to behave as a proper lady. But she yearns for her childhood flame and knows he shares the same desire. When a sudden twist of fortune puts Cecily in mortal danger, Alric takes an unimaginable risk to rescue her. Left alone in the wild, Alric and Cecily must make a choice that will change their lives forever.

Lady Harriet Stanhope grew up with her twin brother and his friends, never questioning their laughter or their games - but now she's a young lady, she's desperate for one friend in particular to see her in a different light.

But after twenty years of knowing each other, she's just the best friend, not a serious contender for the Duke of Devonshire's heart.

Montague Cavendish knows what is due to him and his family name, and he is not fool enough to wish for a love match. He'll find a pretty young thing with plenty of money, and that will be that.

Until Harriet - Harriet - breaks into his rooms to seduce him. He should resist her, he knows he should. But Montague had never imagined such perfection lay beneath the gown of his best friend.

He's determined to resist. She's sure that he will fall in love with her after one night of passion.

Mistakes will be made and confusion abound as friendship is put to the ultimate test.

Is it possible for two people raised as siblings to become lovers - and if it all goes wrong, what will be left of their friendship?


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