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Review: Dark Descent by J.J. Sorel

J.J. Sorel has crafted a compelling, steamy read with a fantastic cast of supporting characters. The mixture of suspense, romance, and hot scenes rides along perfectly against the London backdrop. Both Penny and Blake are written perfectly. You fall for them in an instant, especially Penny--the starving artist--who has to deal with a drug addict mother and a pretty grim life. Blake offers up his secrets slowly, keeping you intrigued enough to tolerate his initial arrogance. Though the suspense combines fantastically with the development of Penny and Blake's relationship, it was their times together that kept me hooked the most. Each time they connected, the desire between them was patent, and I couldn't wait to read more. Blake develops into fantastic hero material and you can see why Penny would fall for him. Though their first time together happened quicker than I expected, it read perfectly. The chemistry and pure need for one another isn't something easily forgotten. If you're after a visceral, steamy, well-craft romance, I'd highly recommend this book. The addition of twists, turns, and suspense makes it far more than just your average billionaire romance, and I would imagine most romance readers would find this a fascinating and lingering read.


One night would never be enough …


Blake Sinclair always gets what he wants. And what he wants now?


Everything about him screams danger. Every arrogant, sexy inch of him. A smart woman would walk away.

Apparently, I’m a fool.

I didn’t just give him my heart. I gave him my virginity.

Now I’m his new obsession. I wish I could say he wasn’t mine.

But that would be a lie.

Together, we’re fire. Even though I know I should save myself, there’s part of me that wants to stoke the flames…even if it burns my whole life to the ground.


I’m an addict.

Penelope Green is my drug of choice, and I indulge in her every chance I get.

The more time we spend together, the more I crave. I want to crawl inside her and never leave. I want—no, need—to possess her.

But my past is as dark as her eyes, and not everyone is willing to leave it buried.

Someone is out to expose me. He wants what’s mine.

Setting her free is the right thing to do.

Too bad I’ve never been any good at doing the right thing.


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