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Review: The Wanting by Christina Strigas

The Wanting is an intimate account of Serena and Teddy's sexual awakening. They undeniably have a magnetic pull and connection that leads them to each other. It is an erotic tale of relationships and their internal struggles as told through dialogue with themselves.

One night, Serena and Teddy are out at a bar and they both meet and fall for another person. Serena meets Ben, an attractive eBook writer and Teddy meets Melina, a sexually charged school teacher. The story that unfurls, is a roller coaster ride of two erotic journeys. Questions arise...Are two people meant to be together? What is serendipity? Do soulmates exist?

The Wanting is a book about the confusion between sex and love. It is a modern romance into the mysterious world of sex and the power it holds over our minds.


Rating: ★★★★★

The Wanting is an expertly crafted and well-written erotic tale. I wouldn’t call it a romance as such and I don’t think the author intended it to feel that way. It’s a story of growth, missed opportunities, and true love. Romance lovers will definitely be satisfied by the end, however, Serena and Teddy’s story doesn’t run smoothly.

Told in short chapters in alternating points of view, The Wanting reveals Serena and Teddy’s life in carefully written chunks, bringing in a cast of great secondary characters. I really appreciated how fully fleshed-out they were. Though their hearts pull toward one another, life takes them on opposite paths and they both meet sexually exciting partners.

The sex scenes are hugely hot and erotic, though not florid, and it felt realistic and almost gritty at times. Those who do not enjoy bondage, won’t like much of the erotic scenes, however, the portrayal of realistic D/s sex was a pleasure to read.

The path both Serena and Teddy take will keep you pulled along throughout the story. I yearned so often for them to finally give into the draw between them, even though they barely knew each other. Sometimes your soul just tells you what you need, and despite having sexy, confident lovers, and learning a lot about themselves during the journey, I was so glad when they finally realized what they needed—each other.

If you’re after an excellently written story, with characters that feel intensely real and some added heat that will leave you feeling out-of-breath and wanting more, I highly recommended The Wanting.


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