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TikTok Management

TikTok has become the latest social media to take the internet by storm but creating content can be time-consuming and confusing. We're here to help!

What we do

We create on-trend promotional and fun videos. They will be a mix of fun, genre/book-themed videos and pure promotional content according to your needs.

We also offer a combined package of content creation and account management so you can leave it entirely in our hands if you wish.


5 TikTok Videos

Five custom videos

3 day turnaround


10 TikTok Videos

10 custom videos

5 day turnaround


20 TikTok Videos

20 custom videos

10 day turnaround


Want more details or are ready to order? Drop us a message below!

Ready to get started?

Thanks for submitting!


What information do you need from me to get started?
We create content for one or more books so we need at the very least a buy link. We can create content from covers, blurbs and review quotes.
You have the option of providing additional books to promote as well as taglines/snippets and any sales or promotional activities you might have happening that month.

Do you create unique content?
Each video is tailored to your genre/sub genre and your author life and books. We never reuse the same content. We also use currently trending sounds, gifs, and videos which can change very rapidly.

How does the TikTok account management work?
The account management is only available if we are creating content for you. You'll provide us with the information for the month and we'll post up to 20 videos through the month for you with sounds and hashtags. We can also set up an account for you if you are new to TikTok for a one-off $30 fee. You only commit to one month at a time so you can also request this at times when you are particularly busy.

What do you mean by 'fun' videos?
While authors obviously want to promote their books, it's wise to ensure your account is purely promotional. So we create book/genre themed videos that will draw readers and like-minded people to your account.

Can I order a custom package?
We offer videos in bundles of 5, 10 and 20 but if you want them to be all fun or all promotional, that's up to you. 

Will I go viral?
Unfortunately we can't make any guarantees but we can create a fun and engaging account that's more likely to get views and interaction.   

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