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Featured KU Book: Fire On the Highway by Kirsten Delaney

A justice seeking arson investigator . . . a rugged but tender-hearted police officer. Will they heed the whispers of the fate that suddenly bring them together on the highway?

For 17 years, hot-blooded arson detective, Lexi Murphy, has been driven to find justice for her firefighter dad’s murder. That drive led her to become the youngest valedictorian in the history of the prestigious California Arson Investigators Academy.

Now she’s been handed the opportunity of a lifetime when her boss assigns her to investigate the murder of a firefighter from Firehouse 19 in Tecolote Hills – the same firehouse where her father had been stationed. The two murders are eerily similar and it’s up to Lexi to close both of them.

Followed by a mysterious stalker on the return drive to her hometown, Lexi is overwhelmed by powerful flashbacks from her childhood. Lost in these memories and with her foot jammed down on the gas pedal of her red BMW, she attracts the attention of a handsome California Highway Patrol officer.

Sparks fly between the cop and the arson detective, but will Lexi’s need to solve her dad’s murder douse the flames of passion they are both feeling?

Find out which flames are sparked into a full-fledged blaze – pick up your copy of Fire on the Highway today!

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