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#99c Sweet Christmas Romance

Lillie Lawrence has one wish for Christmas - to give her child a Christmas to remember. After losing her husband in a sawmill accident the year before, they both need something positive to look forward to so they can heal. It breaks Lillie's heart knowing how much her daughter, misses him. After lightning strikes their house sending it up in flames, her wish changes - she wants a home for Christmas. Angel recruits the church and fire department to help by dedicating their annual cookbook fundraiser to help Lillie. The cookbook, A Taste of Piney Woods, is filled with recipes enjoyed throughout the Piney Woods. Luke Larson, was Tim Lawrence's best friend and boss at the sawmill. Luke has kept his promise to look after them, but it is beginning to cause a major issue - his fondness for them has grown into much more than friendship. Luke has always been considered a member of the family with “Uncle” status. But, are the girls ready to allow a man to take Tim's place in the family and their hearts?

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