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Get your #99c Mountain Man!

Nothing can pierce my solitude. These mountains are my kingdom. And I'm the undisputed king. It turns out I need one last thing. A queen.

I never expected Avery to come crashing into my life. But that's what she did. Literally. She was running from something. By the time I found her she was bleeding and unconscious. What could I do? I brought her back to my place. My cabin of solitude. The place I'd come to get away from the world. Her eyes opened. And my world f#&king changed.

But she's got to realize there's a reason I'm out here with no contact with anyone. I'm a monster. Men have died because of me.

A virgin bride. Meant for another she doesn't want. The longer we're snowed in together, the harder she is to resist. What happens if I give in? I get a wife. And a baby.

And what does she get?


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