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#99c Billionaire Romance

Warning! Send the kids to bed right now. Because when I come on it's mature audiences only...

You see me live on TV. Every week, I play a single dad. With a body of a God you just want to curl up against. Flashing my million-dollar smile. And making a billion panties wet.

Women? They never last with me more than one show. Until Sasha shows up on set. She's playing my daughter's new friend. That tight little body, and that sweet sinful smile drive me crazy. You know how they say to not touch that dial? Well, she can touch mine all day long. Play with my remote. My producer says I can't touch her. Says my career is at stake. But I don't care. I'm going to take her and show her what I can offer. And baby, the kinds of things I'll do to her? You only find on Pay-Per-View.

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