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#99c Billionaire Romance

Don’t just get pressed. Get hard pressed.

You thought being the popular girl in high school would get you through life? You didn’t realize that the nerdy guy would come out on top, did you? Well, baby…he did. That’s me. Billionaire media mogul. Owner of the largest tabloid newspaper in the country. I make or break careers at the drop of a hat.

And now you work for me.

Find that hard to believe? Because the moment I saw you, the past came rushing back. Everything I thought I forgot came back. How all I could think of back then was you. How you didn’t even know I existed. And when you did, it was to torment me.

Of course you have no idea that loser in high school is the biggest alpha male on the block. How could you? You see a successful billionaire with the body of a Greek god. You don’t realize who I used to be.

But I’m going to make you remember. You can bet on it. You’re going to realize what it’s like now that the tables are turned. You’re going to realize what I went through.

And by the time I’m done, you’ll love me as much as I loved you.

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