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#99c Sci-fi boxset

Albaterra is a beautiful, diverse planet, just one galaxy away from the Milky Way. Its inhabitants? A race of blue-skinned, white-eyed, muscular aliens who call themselves the A’li-uud. They are fierce warriors, and they revere the ground upon which they walk, but the security of the comfortable world they’ve built for themselves is about to be put to the test because humans are close.

Very close.

When a human spacecraft crashes onto Albaterra, nothing short of chaos ensues. Violence and deceit threaten to tear the serene A’li-uud civilization apart and obliterate the human race altogether. It is left up to a select few alien males and the human females who’ve captured their hearts to not only save what is about to be lost but blossom a seedling of hope for a prosperous future into a flower of fruition.

Discover Rex, one of the eleven elite Elders who protects the curvaceous Tabitha against his obligations to the A’li-uud Council. Learn why Duke, the militant mission captain, forsakes all he’s ever known when he meets Emily. Follow the alpha male Dane as he is caught between filling his brother’s shoes and fulfilling his desires with the New York ambassador, Roxanne. Join Lokos and Celine in unexpected unity when they face a new danger that could threaten everything. Find Khrel battling his loyalty to his kingdom and his feelings for Lena. Meet the snarky Zuran as he tears himself away from a criminal past for a future with the selfless Phoebe. And, finally, watch Venan discover what it truly means to lead a kingdom with the help of Octavia.

In an era of widespread fear, dangerous mistrust, and extreme cultural differences, romances bud with such flaming passion, they could set the world on fire. Everyone wants that happy ending, but both A’li-uud and humans are going to discover the answer to one of the time’s greatest questions: does love really conquer all?

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